Nike | The Roger Effect

When you watch Roger Federer play and do one of his signature one-handed backhand, you just want to run, run, run to the nearest court and have a try. You won't be alone though, and you'll have to fight for a spot. It's the "Roger Effect".

Nike | The Nick Kyrgios weather forecast

Nick Kyrgios is one of the most talented players of his generation. His mood on court changes like the weather. Sometimes stormy, sometimes brilliant, always exciting.

Wild posting + Animated GIFs twitted in real time, based on what he did during the Australian Open:
Crazy shot. Come back. Win. Outburst, etc.

Nike | Small Sided Football

There is no big money or trophy to be won in street-football.
Your honor is what's at stakes.
Get 'Double-nutmegged' or 'Reverse-Cruyffed' and you'll just want to disappear from your neighborhood forever.

Directed by Megaforce

Nike | Neymar 'Mirrors'

Concept + Art Direction
Writer: Dylan Lee

Neymar is a deceptive player and the Hypervenom boot is designed to help quick changes of direction. Playing Neymar wearing them is like being thrown in a house of mirrors.
The Wu Tang track Rivers of Blood is a nod to the mirrors scene in Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon.

Nike | Game On World

Concept + Art Direction
Writer: Antony Goldstein

Nike+ allows you to measure, share online and compare all your moves while running, training and playing Basketball. 
It literally turns the world into a game...

Directed by Adam Berg.
Music: The Seeds and Cornelius.

Adidas | +10

180 Amsterdam

A series of documentaries showing Adidas football players recruiting 10 people on the street to build a football team.
After putting their team together they meet another player's team in a real 2 x 20 minutes game.

Kaka (Brasil) vs Riquelme (Argentina).
Cissé (France) vs Cole (England).
Del Piero (Italy) vs Nakamura (Japan).
Xavi (Spain) vs Gomes (Portugal).
DeJong (Netherlands) vs Kurányi (Germany).

Volvo | The Mystery of Dalarö

EuroRSCG Amsterdam
Concept + Art Direction
Writer: Lorenzo de Rita

What made an entire village buy the same car?
A documentary about the small village of Dalarö where 32 people bought the same car on the same day.

Directed by Spike Jonze (Being John Malkovitch, Where The Wild Things Are) under the cover name of Carlos Soto. 
The fictitious director Carlos Soto had a website showing evidence that this documentary was a hoax and that he had been manipulated by Volvo. A hoax within the hoax.

Volvo | Life On Board

EuroRSCG Amsterdam
Concept + Art Direction
Writer: Lorenzo de Rita
Photography: Jason Fulford

A series of 7 documentaries about the encounters and conversations of like-minded people on board of Volvo cars. Directed by Remi Belvaux (Man Bites Dog), Roman Coppola (CQ) and Lance Bangs (music videos for Sonic Youth, Nirvana).

Luigi Colani (Industrial Designer) meets Lucy Orta (Artist).
Chris Gardner (Homeless turned billionaire) meets Richard Wiseman (Psychologist).
Bethany Hamilton (Surfer attacked by a shark) meets Greta Kuntzweiler (Jockey who overcame a bad accident) etc.

Volvo | The Route V50

EuroRSCG Amsterdam
Concept + Art Direction
Writer: Lorenzo de Rita

A short 15 minutes movie with Robert Downey Jr., directed by Stephen Frears (High Fidelity, The Queen)

A man keeps encountering himself during a road trip, each new encounter represents an evolution of his character through each step of his life, he grows wiser and more confident.

Nike | Rome City Attack 2001

Wieden + Kennedy
Concept + Art Direction
Writer: Luca Grelli + Daniel Zezelj

Following the previous year's campaign.

A Science-Fiction story about rival teams from the North (rich) and South (poor) sides of Rome.
The story was made into a Comic Book and then into a series of animated episodes that were broadcasted as programmes on MTV.

Comic Book: